In Search Of . . . .Eclectic Style

I love decorating my home. I could start the Interior Decorators Anonymous support group. Because it is certainly addicting. Funny thing is, I have no formal training or professional designations in this art form. I just know when I look around different rooms or spaces in my home, I have this need to make it different . . . .and then I stare at it. Imaging all sorts of different things in different places. After begging my husband for the budget, I jump in the car and hit the stores. Big brand furniture stores. Small hole in the wall stores. And all the accent places. Grabbing a vase from a shelf, I’m thinking . . . ‘would this go with the couch, and the curtains, and that rug I saw online . . . “. Funny how your “happy place” doesn’t have to be a place at all, but can be a process.

 Over the years, as the spaces have grown and the budget increased, I decided to be a bit more structured with my hobby. I have actually done some research on interior design. Different design styles and different time periods. My sister, more the artist, often tells me my taste is “eclectic.” So, I went in search of what that is, exactly.

 Most web articles define eclectic style as one “difficult to desegregate and categorize and classify.” It is a mix of time periods, textures, styles and colors. But as an article in explains, “There is a fine line, however, between a beautifully eclectic room and a room that is merely haphazard and chaotic, with no unifying themes or motifs.” After seeing it defined, I’m sure now my style is eclectic. I love the unique and extraordinary. I don’t like the confines of, say, a period style. But more so, I know this defines my style because despite the ‘rules are made to be broken’ mantra, eclectic spaces are really “deeply personal.” I want them, when someone walks in the room, to shout to the world who I am, and what I think is beautiful.

 Here’s my dilemma, however. I think I may have crossed that ‘fine line’ one too many times and if I am honest with myself, the word ‘chaos’ has come to mind when looking at my living room.

 So, I am going to re-decorate it, creating my own interior décor parlance to describe how to keep my style, but give it form – “Eclectic, Disciplined.” This will include just a few rules. First, there must be a unifier. For example, all the furniture has to have texture, including lamps, throw pillows, rugs or mirror. Or the colors must be compliments in shade. Second, there must be a motif – Afrikan or Asian themed; a time period (but not hog tied to this); all warm or all cool; everything complicated or everything simple. Next rule – and most important – edit the number of pieces. This will keep the room from ‘crossing the line’ into random hodge podge. Lastly, make sure the pieces are large enough to fit the space. A few larger pieces will keep out the clutter of a thousand things I think are cute, but having them all in the room will undermine my (new found) discipline.

 Now, I am off to change the living room, using my new rules. I’ll let you know how it turns out!!

 Ms. Tankard Lane!